Autumn is just round the corner.

The longest day has been and gone. Already the nights are starting to get longer and we look to spend more time indoors as winter approaches.

Perhaps it's time to take a fresh look at our interiors and replace those tired old carpets or curtains.

We love people calling into the showroom to have a browse. No need to feel pressured (it's not our style!).

Bring in some measurements and we can give you an idea of costs too. Of course, we will always come and take accurate measurements ourselves too.

Hello Summer!

We are looking forward to another busy summer. Who knows what the weather has in store for us?

Traditionally, summer was a quieter time for the flooring industry, but in recent years we have seen it become a much busier period installing new flooring.

Blinds are always popular in the warmer months where people are looking to get some shelter from the sun and keep cool!

Christmas 2022

Another year is drawing to an end.

At long last the flooring industry has shaken off the effects of Covid, and is approaching normality (whatever that is!), Stocks are good and new ranges are being introduced once more.

Hopefully we are seeing a levelling of prices as we enter 2023. British wool carpets, in particular, have been least effected over recent months, and represent great value still.

Wishing everyone a very peaceful end to 2022 and a very happy New Year too.

Long Hot Summer!

It looks like we are in for something that we used to have in the UK - a summer. How many Wimbledons have been that dry?

Anyway, we've put the flags out again. We thought the shop looked a bit sad after the Platinum Jubilee bunting came down, so we have put up the flags of the commonwealth.

A prize for the person who can name all of the countries on our bunting!

Happy Easter to All.

Here we are in Spring already and about to enjoy a well earned bank-holiday weekend.

It's at this time of year, when the sun gets stronger and higher in the sky, that attentions turn to blinds.

We have just had some long awaited updates to our blind ranges, and they were well worth waiting for!

The new designs are simply stunning. Call into the shop to have a browse through the very latest designs and colours.

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